Matthew Wood
Artist & Filmmaker. Manchester, UK.
Due, in part, to his background in filmmaking, for many years Matthew has watched and observed, collecting moments that might otherwise go unseen. Now working predominantly on paper, his practice looks outward, to our incredibly flawed and yet incredibly tender world. Living and working in London for the past four years, he began to collect intriguing characters as he commuted around the crush of the city. Capturing their likenesses, their gestures and their words. Thinking on them and sharing them, now, with you.
In his ‘I Know A Way Out Of Hell’ series, this feeling of a dense concentration of multifaceted characters manifests itself in the image of a tower of people, each resting on another’s shoulders, each carrying another on their own. Defying the laws which bind us, whilst still bringing discomfort, it is a perfect reimagining of the inherent tensions within any community: If we had to work together, could we? Would we want to, or would we plummet to the ground? If we had chance after chance, would we even bother to try again, or try at all?
Matthew is particularly fascinated by behaviours and relationships, the way we treat each other, the self, celebrity and the angry mob, conditioning, certainty, consumerism and conspiracy, excess and waste. And the deep, flawed paradoxes inherent in human nature: our capacity for compassion and empathy, surrender and selfishness, greed and chaos. His work displays a keen sense of bitter absurdity, a fusion of comedy and tragedy, and is rich with humour and detail. The more you stop to look, the more you see how odd life truly is.

Education•BA with First Class Honours in Interactive Arts, Manchester School of Art, 2007-2010.

Exhibitions•'I know A Way Out Of Hell IV', Manchester Open, HOME, Manchester, 2020.•'I know A Way Out Of Hell', The Sparks Within, Isherwood Gallery, Wigan, 2019.

Screenings•'WWCOMMS. 001//HELLO BTS', Bastille documentary 'Help Me Chase Those Seconds', 2017.•'The Strangest Thing', London Surf/Film Festival, Riverside Studios, London, 2012.• Featured as part of Imogen Heap's 'Love The Earth' film, Royal Albert Hall, London, 2010.•'Umbrella Girl', Exposures Film Festival, The Cornerhouse, Manchester, 2010.•'Umbrella Girl', The Holden Gallery, Manchester, 2010.

Articles•'The Strangest Thing', Creative Review, 2013.•'Fancy Clown',, 2011.

Awards• Finalist at the Manchester Open Awards, HOME, Manchester, 2020.•'Fancy Clown' awarded runner up in the Stones Throw Records video contest, 2011.• Winner of the 'Best Artist Film Award' at Exposures Film Festival for 'Umbrella Girl', 2010.

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